About EZ-On BaBeez™ - Who We Are

“Necessity is the Mother of Invention”

“Having recently retired, I began to enjoy time with family and 5 beautiful grandchildren. While I love looking after the grandchildren, changing their diapers was my least favorite. As I’m sure it is for most new moms, dads, babysitters and daycare personnel.

The snap closures were always located at the crotch area, making it a struggle to open and close. Unbuttoning the onesie at the bottom, while carefully removing the diaper was always messy and cumbersome. Due to this, the baby would inevitably start to cry.

If that was a problem for me, it had to be a problem for all new moms, dads, and other grandparents. That was the “AHA!” moment! There had to be a better way. With my 40 years in product development, I decided to put my experience to good use!”

– Julieta Recometa, EZ-On BaBeez™ Founder

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